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About us

Pro-Hygienitech Nigeria Limited , an African – International Company registered in Nigeria with  her corporate Head Office at 88/92, Broad Street, CMS, Lagos Island, Lagos State. Pro-Hygienitech is an exclusive Licensed Hygienitech Master Dealer for Nigeria and West Africa.

Pro-Hygienitech Int’l Co. Ltd pledges to provide excellent residential and commercial cleaning and sanitizing service to our clients using:

  • Creamy team of experts and professionals drawn from different fields of corporate cleaning services.
  • Industries finest green cleaning methods and best practices, and
  • Leading edge cleaning technologies so we can deliver a clean and sanitized home environment for homeowners, office owners and multi-bedded facilities.

To become the foremost organization providing residential and commercial cleaning and sanitizing services in Nigeria and the West Africa Sub-Region with various clientele in the private, corporate, educational, medical and business leisure sectors.

R- Respect:  Without Our Customers we do not exist. No job is too big and no job is too small. We exist to satisfy our Customers’ product and service needs. We treat everyone with dignity, value their contributions geared toward excellent quality service delivery.
E- Excellence: Delivering the best internal/external customer value mix to enable us to provide sustained quality and value all our clients  at vertically integrated rate. For all of us in Pro-Hygienitech Int’l Co. Ltd it is Total Quality Service (TQS) at all times.
C- Caring: Promote and encourage the development of our staff through nurturing, regular appraisals, training and listening to their individual goals and requirements to provide the right role, environment and working hours to suit them, our customers and our company-.a duty of care for our staff, customers and the environment;
I- Integrity: To promote integrity, openness, honesty and transparency throughout all of our business activities.
R- Responsibility: In Pro-Hygienitech Int’l Co. Ltd we strive to ensure that with our operations we have the most positive effect we can, while we curtail any negative effects to the absolute minimum. We define corporate social responsibility as doing business ethically and in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, while safeguarding growth and profit in line with the expectations of our stakeholders, acting with integrity towards our staff, customers and the community.
I- Innovation: To use professional process management tools to simplify processes, add value and reduce error rates that affect our ability to deliver a "right first time" service promoting the highest levels of productivity within a creative environment. To use the most modern technology in order to enhance the quality of service delivery at all times.

At Pro-Hygienitech Int’l Co. Ltd we constantly and consistently aim to get it right, first time, every time. We manage an efficient and effective service model that reflects our total commitment to working in synergy with our valued clients. Our aim is to surpass customer’s expectation and build a long term relationship. I believe that it is only working in this way that we can truly satisfy the needs of your service requirements. Pro-Hygienitech Int’l Co. Ltd has a quality management team with the resources available to provide a proactive, high quality service across all its operations.
As Managing Director of Pro-Hygienitech Int’l Co. Ltd., I guarantee the company's "commitment to unparallel quality service” to all our clients.

Ali Williams Senior
Chief Executive Officer.

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